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Dropbox again in the news with leaked passwords leaked.

Recent news circulated that Dropbox passwords had been stolen and posted online at pastebin. The poster claimed to have information on up to 7 million accounts. It is a sign of our times, that the poster is asking for Bitcoin donations in exchange for posting more accounts. Someone must have responded because the poster posted another batch of log-in credentials the same day. Dropbox has emphatically stated that it has not been hacked, see Dropbox  blog post. They believe that the login data was acquired from other sites. Whatever the case, I cannot overstress changing passwords regularly, do not use the same password for multiple sites and enable Dropbox's two-step authentication

Dropbox has had its issues recently, such as a bug that seemed to delete folder files. This has been fixed and you should have your files back. But, none the less, the attacks and stolen user logins continue to remind us to be vigilant and aware of what we place in the Cloud and how sensitive the information may be.

I will be presenting several Security Tips seminars around the country over the next couple of months for K2 Enterprises,, and hope to see you at one of those where we will not only talk in more detail on security threats, but steps you should take to protect yourself.

Still want that Ten Key Pad?

I am still a user of the trusty 10 key and have missed my 10 key calculator over the years.  I have also used and shared a great little inexpensive application with my accounting followers called myOwn10-Key.  The developer just notified me that version 10 is out and they have done a significant redesign and rewrite of the code. Here is the link for those interested;

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