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Blogging with Dr. Bob Spencer, the Computer Doctor.

January 2015

Yes, Malware Can Attack Apple Mac.

Don't believe the guy at the Genius bar,  Apple Mac's are susceptible to attack and here are 10 Apps to help defend your computer from cyber-attack

Microsoft Rolls Out Smarter Outlook.

Word is out that Microsoft is updating its Web-based Outlook app with features new automation. Microsoft will start rolling out new smart address book functionality early in 2016. When users add recipients to an email, Outlook will soon automatically display a list of suggested contacts. Read more...

Industry IT has to start paying attention to the dangers of IoT.

Hackers are coming after your business and it is no longer just via your Firewall. New studies show that there is a darker side to IoT and the bad guys are taking advantage of it as a way to hack into your systems or cause corporate espionage. Read more... 

Hello Watson, help me expand my business?

It seems that IBM has found more advanced business uses for their Watson intelligent computing power. Read the latest on using Watson Explorer for mergers and acquisitions...

Google goes on the offensive to defend against bad ads.

Ad networks have become a popular mechanism for distributing malware, such as the malvertising campaign spread via Google's AdSense at the beginning of last year. To prevent bad ads from harming internet users and threatening Google's multi-billion dollar ad empire, Google ads and commerce SVP Sridhar Ramaswamy says the company has now hired more than 1,000 people across the globe whose sole purpose is "fighting bad ads". Read full article from ZDNet...

CES 2016 in Las Vegas is Rolling Along

So CES 2016 is all about automobiles, home entertainment, and the Internet of Things - Wearable Technology. There is a lot to see, like the new LG Ultra-thin, Roll Up HD prototype - giving us a glimpse of the future of display technology. LG Electronics debuted some ultra-high-definition televisions, including a bendable one. It is a mere 2.57 millimeter-thin OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) television that impressed a lot of onlookers. The screen can be rolled up and stored away if necessary. PC and mobile device makers are rolling out their latest models for the new year, which means there is a throng of new hardware products vying for attention. Lenovo is included in that list, having introduced one of the show's more prominent products with the ThinkPad X1 Tablet. At first glance, the device appears to be a typical tablet or perhaps even a two-in-one hybrid. But further inspection reveals why this tablet deserves a closer look. While technology over the past few years have become very user driven with home and personal technology, Enterprise IT will be watching CES 2016 closely to see what changes will impact the way business operates as well.


Hot Tech to Watch for 2016.


Great article in eWeek this month on the top 10 tech trends to watch this year - note how much of it is personal technology.


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